Monday, August 31, 2020

Haddads hire Robert Campbell Becher - MEAT.c - Haywood

"Mr. Becher has led financings and M&A activity in his illustrious career totaling in the multi-billions of dollars."

Becher has been a bumbucketboy at Haywood for years. Why would that recent past be undisclosed? (besides the obvious) Film at 11:00

Campbell Becher
Wowsers. Becher is world famous as the crooked terd who drove Byron Capital Markets Ltd. into the ground in just 2 years after run-ins with the OSC and IIROC. He was spanked for flawed disclosure in research reports and failure to supervise his chitbag 'analysts'. Byron went tits up in 2014.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Amin Lahijani just LOVES the Haddad's meat analogues - Update
Intimately connected with the gruesome twosome Lahijani and Behroyan is Teressa Decotiis of Hells Angels connected Decotiis family. And WHO was directly involved in Behroyan's $75k scam for half? Yup.
See ----->Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and the Decotiis family
The Decotiis siblings hired senior Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and his brother Rocco in a long running family feud. Brandon Vito Hughes is thereafter whacked after multiple threats. Then the Decotiis family finances the Hells Angels expansion into Kelowna to the tune of at least $700k, which was unsecured for over a year. Further, Teressa Decotiis was intimately involved every step of the way along with her siblings, as management of Amacon, the corporate entity that advanced funds to Dipopolo.

Amin Lahijani
Latest to crawl into the sunlight from under rock is North Vancouver realtor Amin Lahijani of Behroyan & Associates. He is touting the fraudulent NR saying this garbage is on 'Urban Fare' and Jim Pattison Group shelves. He is fully up the ass of disgraced realtor Shahin Behroyan, a former director of Navis, the shell of MEAT.c

Shahin Behroyan was found guilty of professional misconduct for demanding a seller grease him for a $75,000 bonus. He has been told to hand over his real estate licence for five years. He's appealing, naturally. Behroyan also faces two criminal charges, one of aggravated assault and another of assault.
Shahin Behroyan
The connect to the Haddads is rock solid through Sennen Potash Corp - SN.c, of which Tara Haddad is a director along with Lahijani. That wicked junk is appearing to be the next promotion candidate after MEAT.c crashes.

Little Amin has just made a threat, one which ought to be reported to the RCMP. "Ur so dumb u dont know who chuck Roads is!! Im coming for you motherfucker"

After minimal research it's appearing our threatening boys are a swack of Iranians. Good luck to Canadians betting on that camel proposition.
"Camels photos | Meme Guy
In May Lahijani was appointed director of Global Health Clinics Ltd. - MJRX.c. It is a well known Bridgemark Group scam company. Too common names are Usama Chaudhry, Jatinder Dhaliwal and Cassidy McCord. Other names include BCSC investigated Kevin Su, and William Su.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

MEAT.c update - Nawaz Jiwani exercises $.05 warrants

Filed 2020-08-18 16:14
Tx date 2020-07-23
Modern Meat Inc.
Jiwani, Nawaz
4 - Director of Issuer
Direct Ownership
11 - Acquisition or disposition carried out privately
+50,000 vol
$0.05 each
Filed 2020-08-18 16:11
Tx date 2020-06-26
Modern Meat Inc.
Jiwani, Nawaz
4 - Director of Issuer
Direct Ownership
00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report
Abeir Haddad$2,500 for paper 'worth' $167k? I know I wouldn't be waiting for the dividends. Whilst Mr. Jiwani is required to report (pfft) the vast majority of these open criminals do not.

Most recently known terd functionary Von Rowell Torres left a positive google review, as did some individual from Germany, which is curious because this chit isn't sold there. These open fraud artists are also posting pure fraud 'product reviews' on their website. This criminal offense is wide open, obvious, and a stinging indictment of the respect scum give to the useless BCSC and Doug Muir.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

MJardin Group - MJAR.c

Things were too aresome for these boyos when they raised $20m @ $12 in August 2018. Things were basically over a year later and now this chit is bid $.045. Latest? Terds reported numbers and OMG it's a net loss in Q2 of $12.5m on $2.1m revenue.

"The Company continues to execute on its 2020 business plan with key deliverables for the rest of 2020 ..."
Patrick Withcher, CEO, brags about his background as a DEA agent for 20+ years.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Kodax (KODK.n) reeking mightily

A $765m government loan to Kodak has been put on hold as the SEC investigates the company’s disclosure of the deal, which was announced on July 28th. The stock was $2 for months but surged as high as $60 the day after the deal. Trading of Kodak’s stock picked up significantly the day before the official announcement.

Questions have also been raised about the timing of stock options granted to Kodak’s executive chairman, Jim Continenza.
On July 27th, a day when Kodak stock was up 25% to close the day at $2.62 per share, Kodak executives received stock options. James Continenza, CEO of Kodak, received roughly 1.75m stock options with exercise prices of $3.03, $4,53, $6,03 and $12.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Anthony Jackson's latest Scam - Modern Meat Inc. - MEAT.c - Update IX

There is some dead cool (read free) info available on this wicked scam. Jackson is almost certainly selling 'anonymously'. To keep an eye on that growing issue go to Click on 'House Positions'.  Anonymous has been the largest net seller of this truly worthless paper every day last week. Useful for washing paper (churning, making an appearance of volume) 'anonymous' is a service venture scum promoters will take advantage of every time.
House 001
House 001
House 001
House 001

Another useful input is short position. What very often happens in deals of this stench is that connected types short from a covered position. They use locked PP paper, options, warrants, etc to hedge their short. Best believe in this whoretown it's entirely doable for some.
This disgrace has dropped mention of the Jim Pattison Group and Urban Fare. And after such a bullish (pure fraud) NR too.

The reality appears to be this garbage isn't going on Jim Pattison Group shelves at all and likely never will.
We've moved our growing pile of evidence of Anthony Jackson securities fraud HERE. Stay tuned.