Thursday, July 29, 2021

Realtor Shahin Behroyan - 'stinking cabbage'

Behroyan was described as crooked and deceptive, corrupt, greedy, and using dirty money.
Busted terd Sahin Behroyan had his bumhole in a twist when he sued fellow North Vancouver realtor Reza Mousavy in 2017.

Mousavy outted the Decotiis/Behroyan $75k fraud, and among other things termed Behroyan a 'stinking cabbage', which seems pretty damn ironic as a few years later Behroyan is involved in the Haddad's stinking Celery Root scam.
In another ironic bum twister, the dopey crooked realtor association spanked Mousavy for outing the fukkin fraud of Behroyan.
Behrohan was banned for 5 years, but promptly appealed and has been doing the same thing for years.