Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Giga Metals (GIGA.V) - Revisited - Anthony Milewski

Time has a tendency to reveal all when it comes to scammers. One year later and there's nothing related to Tesla and this PoS.
The day after the story Milewski dumped 3m shares at an average of $1.86, for $5.57m. Two days later he sold another 450k shares for an average of $1.61, bringing in another $724k. Milewski was the founder, CEO and Chairman of Cobalt 27. (KBLT)
'Reporter' Pratima Desai ... "LONDON (Reuters) – Tesla is in discussions with Canadian miner Giga Metals about helping to develop a large mine that would give the electric carmaker access to low carbon nickel for its batteries, three sources familiar with the matter said." A month earlier company director Anthony Milewski exercised 1.5m stock options at $.08.
Milewski wasn’t alone. President Martin Vydra dumped 900k options and booked $1.5m. He followed that up by dumping another $750k worth. Chairman Lyle Davis executed his options 2 days before the story dropped and made out like a bandit as well.
The Globe and Mail repeated the fake story. Giga Metals (GIGA.V) The story appears HERE.

Steve Hasker President and Chief Executive Officer Reuters.