Sunday, October 11, 2020

Mark Turner takes on Bob Moriarty

In the 'lets bust a gut' category we have terdly Mark Turner deciding to attack the highly respected (we do mean highly) Bob Moriarty. If A-hole Turner has been around, Bob Moriarty was dating his fukking mother.

A real mistake taking Mr. Moriarty on with that Turneresque 'logic'. How so? The following was recently unleashed regarding 'pimple poppers' and is hilarious. HERE.

The real gold in my little opinion is the Moriarty material that probably set tard Turner off in the first place, and that would be his STRIDENT hatred of silver. HERE. The punchline is that silver made a historic move to the upside the entire time Turner was on his rag, and anybody betting FOR silver has made a truly HUGE mint. Dopes listening to Turner weren't one of them. So an 'angry' Turner begins a chit campaign with somebody far smarter than he is because they pointed out the obvious ... he's an idiot.