Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Ralph van der Walle - Easy Invest

Ralph van der Walle's greatest claim to fame and flagship seems to be his enigmatic 'Canada Pacific Investment Group Ltd.' HERE and HERE.

'The Beach House at Saratoga General Partner Inc.' is the latest sure thing from Mr. Van der Walle. "pre-construction pricing opportunities" -

The lawyer helping make the money disappear (It's EASY) is Calgary based Adrian Harvey of Burstall LLP.
In 2016 Mr. Ralph van der Walle's 'Saratoga Oceanfront Ltd' was sued for $940k. That co was dissolved in 2017. HERE.

In 2014 Mr. Ralph van der Walle was touting live ones for 'Dawson Distinctive Homes Ltd.', co was also dissolved in 2017. HERE.

In 2003 it was 'Rocky Mountain Consulting Inc.' That was struck off the Alberta registry. HERE.
Brought to us by an anonymous citizen, lets put them together for Mr. Ralph van der Walle and Easy-Invest. Sounds pretty damn aresome easy already eh? The easy part must have something to do with throwing money at Mr. Ralph van der Walle.

First off the website is an insultingly simplistic (and free) blog on Wordpress. Secondly this man is turning dodgy real estate projects all over B.C. into securities and selling them to dum dums. I can find ONLY abject failures. If throwing money away to scam real estate projects doesn't appeal, Mr. van der Walle will peddle a PP in a pot stock.
Is there a problem anywhere with this money spinner? One should hope mightily so, even in B.C. This one reeks of camel arse and I'm barely getting warmed up.
"Reserve my seat for the Commercial Real Estate Investment Seminar in Richmond, BC"
Our little world has a problem when bumtards are attempting to lasso suckers for their securities scams on the radio. Mr. Van der Walle was getting his MO going on CKNW for God's sake.

Hot off the Van der Walle press is ... "Chroma Global Technologies is a Vancouver based producer of CBD extract and products that is positioning to be a leader in the industry. You can invest at the ground level as the company expands its joint ventures with some of major players of the Cannabis industry. Call Easy-Invest at 604-235-2370. "
There isn't much that can be added nor subtracted regarding Mr. Ralph van der Walle. His hopeless spewing is ALL that is required to make ANY investment decision.

I would not throw a cent at Mr. Ralph van der Walle in this lifetime.