Friday, October 29, 2021

Going on TILT.c - $ 552m loss in 2018 - Revisited

And really. The BS was thick and Cannacrap deep a few years ago, and where are we today? Don't ask, pfffft.

Naturally our guy simply HAS TO double down on his spewage about vaping. "Tilt Holdings Inc.has released the following statement today from the company's interim chief executive officer, Mark Scatterday, regarding recent media coverage of vaping issues and a temporary vape ban in Massachusetts." This iffing tard spewing when it's OBVIOUS he cannot possibly 'know' a fukkin thing, and whilst piloting this garbage to ever new 52 week lows, well, tis insulting in the extreme.

Until vaping came along NOBODY ever died from smoking pot. The capitalists are sooooooo eager to make money they will kill kids whilst lying like sidewalks, no problemo. "short-term noise" = sux my ass.
Latest and greatest from this group of iffing sad sacks is a splaining of the recent news that vaping is killing folks. (Now 6 dead, 450 sick) " ... recent negative press around vaping, we are finding out that most of this news revolves around non-compliant and black market products."

What these hopeless management retards 'find' as they rip this co's stakeholders off stupid isn't really important to anybody. What they very much NEED to figure out is that vaping is fully untested and unknown.

Right this moment vaping appears the dopiest 'business' decision of the last decade, by far.
Latest from the offense known as Tilt Holdings Inc (TILT.c) is news of a US$125m convertible note financing. The firm has set a minimum financing of US$50m for the note, which can expand to $125m at it's discretion. That conversion is somewhere around $1.10.

In November 2018, the company raised US$119m, with shares being peddled at a price of C$5.25. Proceeds of the latest will go towards the Company’s U.S. $20m Bridge Loan dated April 29, 2019 that bears interest at 18.75%. Truly a body wonders what folks see in enterprises such as this.
"... represents another significant milestone for the Company," said Alex Coleman, Chairman and CEO of Tilt. "These financial results reflect the four way merger that formed Tilt and the corresponding balance sheet adjustments. Overall, we are extremely encouraged by the pro forma results."

Riiiight, sure dude, that's half a fukkin billion into the ether. "Adjusted EBITDA of $(20.7) million compared to $(4.1) million in the prior year, with pro forma adjusted EBITDA of $(39.6) million." Damn tis and a very good example of why we don't touch grossly overvalued pot stocks at all.
Canaccord Genuity reiterated their $7/share “Speculative Buy” target despite a large impairment loss on goodwill, which saw TILT Holdings write-down $496.44 million in non-cash losses.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trump's Media Empire - DWAC.O

Digital World Acquisition (DWAC.O) is a Miami-based special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that plans to publicly list Trump's new social media venture. TRUTH Social is set for a beta launch next month and full rollout in the first quarter of 2022. SPACs allow private companies to publicly list their shares while sidestepping traditional initial public offerings. The deal, as it sits, is appearing a slam dunk short. Market cap is something past $3b.
Trump declared he would launch a “media powerhouse”. Within hours, hackers posted a picture of a pig taking a shit to the “donaldjtrump” account. The site, called Truth Social, has been taken offline. Banned by all major social networks after his minions stormed the Capitol, Trump has agitated to regain his online megaphone. The Trump media, news and Internet empire would one day compete with CNN, Disney and Facebook Trump predicted.

The site is a Twitter clone: users can post Truths, which are like tweets, or Re-Truths, which are retweets.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Bo Bo Bert Abenante back - EV Battery Technologies - ACDC.c

Taryn Stemp
Latest is news of 24m shares out the door with no disclosure whilst two directors resigned. New director Taryn Stemp was an executive assistant at Abattis Bioceuticals. "Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. has entered into a share exchange agreement to acquire CryptoPlug Technologies Inc., an entity developing a blockchain-based, crypto-compatible application for smart phones. As compensation for the acquisition and pursuant to the agreement, the company will be issuing 24 million common shares of the company, at a price of 25 cents per common share, to the shareholders of CryptoPlug, for a deemed transaction valuation of $6-million." There is zero, and we do mean zero internet presence for CryptoPlug Technologies Inc.

In Feb 2020 Cryptobloc Technologies Corp. announced a name and symbol change to Global Elsimate Capital Corp. (GECC). No Bid.
RECHARGE RESOURCES LTD. (RR) $.05 - no website
STAMPER OIL & GAS CORP. (STMP) $.02 - no website
Letho Resources Corp. LET.v - halted
Greenbank Ventures Inc. V:GBNK.H - halted
Bam Bam Resources Corp. BBR.c - $.16

Crooktard Bo Bo Bert Abenante in the infamous 'BridgeMark Crooked Basterds' photo with Aly Babu Mawji and Justin Liu.

"We were lucky to get Mr. Abenante, as he has been a very valuable asset to our team"

One can't keep a wicked horrid crooked MFer down for long in Vancouver and for proof of that we have 'Bo Bo' Bert Abenante of the massive large BridgeMark offense. He's a "valuable asset" at EV Battery Tech. (ACDC.c) Folks best give their rock head a shake if they are buried in this pure garbage. EV Battery Tech’s President and CEO is Bryson Goodwin.
It's a major indictment that THIS sickening example ain't banned for life from capital markets right this instant. IF this was the US I don't doubt for a moment Bo Bo Bert would be sitting in a federal jail cell. This 'man' is pretty much as bad as it can possibly get, even by Vancouver 'standards'.

Bryson Goodwin
"We firmly believe this temporary order will be a small blip in the Company’s drive to build shareholder wealth."

Friday, October 22, 2021

MXR.v - Textbook Distribution Phase - 'I'm Excited' - Redux

This masterpiece is from a couple years ago and nothing ever changes for career chitbags like Mr. Brett Matich. Dopey McDope 'Behind the Herd's Anus' Richard Mills is still providing the online lies ad nauseum, and really. Even a half assed attempt at due dilligence would turn one's stomach, so HOW can this BS go on over and over again?

If it averages 7m deep that's a billion OZ.
If it goes 14g/t avg over 1m depth it's a billion Troy OZ.
'Matich was running this so aggressively it gets me excited'
'it will get really exciting!'
'samples were too high.'
'2g/t over 1000sqkm, 1 metre deep = 141m ounces of gold.'
'talk about $3 price target'
'Billion ounce AU resource potential.'
'hottest speculative stocks right now.'
'keep market excited'

The 'life cycle' is 1) Accumulation (Base), 2) Run-up (Growth), 3) Distribution (Top), and Run-down (Decline).

The almost daily spewing on declining volume is indicative of 'Run-up.' Mr. Brett Matich promised assays almost 2 weeks ago. They haven't appeared. Instead it has been one 'fluff' NR after another. Today we have yet another meaningless 'fluff' NR accompanied by a massive surge in highly improbable 'buying'. This is indicative of distribution. Those buying into the hype now are giving their money away to those unloading cheap (and worthless) paper.
MXR.v is an absolute Text Book example of Venture promotion from dopes that do it for their entire careers.

'That’s enough to get me excited for Monday'
'keep market excited'
'Matich was running this so aggressively it gets me excited'
'it will get really exciting!'

It is ALWAYS true that uncovering scams is never rocket science.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Konstantin Lichtenwald for dummies

ONLY on the Venture bordello could somebody as filthy dirty as Konstantin Lichenwald be singing his own iffin praises whilst retaining an accounting designation. Holy flyin fuk says we.

Advice from this damn K9? "An important responsibility that all people share is the need to save, invest, and prepare for their financial future." We would say that staying the fuk away from reprobates like Konstantin Lichenwald would be a good place to start vis-a-vis not getting bent over like a $5 whore. Dick is CFO at Nickel Rock Resources Inc. NICL.v
It matters not WTF a body is considering. If the name Konstantin Lichtenwald appears you need to take a hike and don't let the door hit yer ass on the way out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Giga Metals (GIGA.V) - Revisited - Anthony Milewski

Time has a tendency to reveal all when it comes to scammers. One year later and there's nothing related to Tesla and this PoS.
The day after the story Milewski dumped 3m shares at an average of $1.86, for $5.57m. Two days later he sold another 450k shares for an average of $1.61, bringing in another $724k. Milewski was the founder, CEO and Chairman of Cobalt 27. (KBLT)
'Reporter' Pratima Desai ... "LONDON (Reuters) – Tesla is in discussions with Canadian miner Giga Metals about helping to develop a large mine that would give the electric carmaker access to low carbon nickel for its batteries, three sources familiar with the matter said." A month earlier company director Anthony Milewski exercised 1.5m stock options at $.08.
Milewski wasn’t alone. President Martin Vydra dumped 900k options and booked $1.5m. He followed that up by dumping another $750k worth. Chairman Lyle Davis executed his options 2 days before the story dropped and made out like a bandit as well.
The Globe and Mail repeated the fake story. Giga Metals (GIGA.V) The story appears HERE.

Steve Hasker President and Chief Executive Officer Reuters.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Crude on the rise

Its a 7 year high for crude and superior sources say there's more to come.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Iron Ore me this

A substantial decline in iron ore prices has been made worse by a rapid rise in shipping freight rates. Iron ore prices have collapsed some 60% since a multi-year record in May. In less than two months, three of the world's largest ore miners, Rio Tinto, BHP and Vale lost a combined $110 billion in market value. How is Teck faring? Not so bad, relatively speaking. While demand for steelmaking coal is declining, the demand for fuel to produce electricity is rising.