An Elementary Accounting trick - the GOOD.v offense
After surrealistic exchanges with a salaried (read 'don't care') at ScotiaBank who is as obtuse as his fleeced bank, we reveal our GOOD.v conspiracy theory in terms everybody can understand. The first is 'round tripping' This slang refers to fraud transactions between non-arms length parties. For example one firm will bill a connected one for imaginary goods/services.

They book it as 'sales' and 'revenue' even though no exchange has or ever will take place. Eventually, because no cash ever appears, the sales need to be written down to zero, causing a write-off. This is where GOOD.v is today.
We see this pattern with EVERY company associated with GOOD.v ... large receivables that aren't being collected and massive payables.
With revenues stroked, next comes the 'EBITDA' shuffle. GOOD.v main clown Jesse Dylan, (birth name Micheal Woodman) has spewed every day about large and growing 'EBITDA'. This term refers to adjusted net income. It does NOT refer to gross revenues. GOOD.v reported an audited loss exceeding $ 2.2m in 2018.

To this day this scam continuously spews about $ 7m in 'EBITDA' for 2018. This is grossly misleading and a deliberate securities fraud on the public.
It was an amazing moment when we were forced to actually BELIEVE Jesse/Mikie spewing and accept that ScotiaBank had extended 'secured' credit facilities, based on the above. One would think a Tier 1 bank could not be hoodwinked by the simplest and most worn out scams in the world.

BNS has NEVER been secured. As soon as GOOD.v completes the obligatory write-down the Co will be revealed as the pure worthless chit it is. There is NOTHING backing the millions advanced to the scammers. (yes scammers)
It ought to go without saying that paying more than 10X the 'value' received in return for a series of bogus 'acquisitions' (the same cos providing multi-millions in 'sales') is grossly contrary to the main man's covenant with ScotiaBank. It's called theft.

Sadly this needs to be spelled out, repeatedly, to apparently stone deaf and dead stupid BNS big shots. It all falls down sooner or later citizens.
Scotia is in the ditch for a maximum of $11,250,000. I would wager that everything is racked to the last possible nickle right this instant. ($9.8m gonzo in the 3 weeks ended Dec 31, 2018) I would bet the stinkfarm BNS will never see any of it back. NADA.
495 Communications - Craig M. Paia
There are developing developments with outrageous GOOD.v. This being so we've been taking another, closer gander at the Konstantin Litchenwald stroked 'business acquisition report' for 495 Communications (51-102F4) filed on Sedar Feb 26th. Terms are US$3.5m cash, a cash earn-out of up to a maximum of US$5.5m and US$6m in cash or through the issuance of common shares. We know Craig M. Paia was the sole shareholder of 495 Communications. Numbers show 'members equity' of $ 1.1m to go along with AR of $3.9m and payables of $ 4.1m. Enterprise lost $ 527k in 2018. In Sept 2018 cash was $281,668 and there were NO OTHER ASSETS.
A $ 15m deal for an enterprise that MIGHT, on a very good day, be 'worth' one fuk of a lot less than $ 1.5m. We aren't talking about something a BIT too expensive, we're talking 10X+. And this is simply one deal of a score of others, all grossly expensive and structured the same grotesque way.

Lighthouse Digital Inc. - 2802 Flintrock Trace Ste 360 Austin, TX 78738 is something called a 'virtual office'. Going rate is $ 75.
In what might have been revealing, a document was filed on Sedar April 8 regarding the contract between Lighthouse Digital Inc. ('495 Communications') and GOOD.v.

After wading through miles of legal mumbo jumbo, all of it referring to the schedules, we find ALL of the schedules have been redacted. i.e. they aren't there.

It's all a 'trade secret', naturally. Basically this document is less than useless and public types will have to 'trust' Jesse/Mikie on the $ 15m acquisition entirely.
One wonders, very mightily, how on earth the laughable Jersey Boy Craig Pavia has avoided any mention from Jesse Dylan and/or Micheal Woodman. $15 fukkin million getting flipped off to this goofus and he doesn't get the slightest hint of recognition despite being billed as the 'owner' of 495 Communications and the main recipient of the loot?

I'd bet the baby's college fund nothing 'GOOD' will come from this terd's background.
We have received a rumor (gotta love/hate em) that 2 GOOD.v customer accounts, owing many multi-millions, were inexplicably (gasp, what a shocking surprise) closed in December. Only time will tell how accurate that might be. Good.v releases new Presentation = 'Solve the AR crisis'
ClickI'm negatively biased. Naturally I have nothing but ill spewing built right in because I KNOW what Jessie/Mikie/Gezzus and his crew of obvious fukheads are up to.

That being so whatever the hell THIS is supposed to be is beyond the hilarious.
Jesse/Mikie/Gezzus is a bonehead. He's a life long radio spewer. The parameters of securities fraud exclude mindless spewing for it's own sake. Jesse/Mikie/Gezzus has laid this offense out so clearly it's amazing to me GOOD.v has any bid at all. The 'man' makes it so easy it's ALMOST an insult to anybody with working brain material. Now that we're warmed up, here we go ...

"Low Overhead - We don’t require a sales team. Our technology sells itself." Overhead means an auditor confirmed cash burn well over $ 150k per month and NOTHING ever 'sells itself'.

"Patent Pending Technology" One might submit a patent for an asshole hair pulling technology unknown to modern science.

"Market spend: $84 Billion this year $100 Billion in 2020" - Where the fuk this stupidity comes from isn't clear. Very likely from said hairless asshole. Why not say 'Zillions of Billions' it has a 'GOOD' ring to it.
"Trailing 12 months Combined Revenue (Jan 1st 2018 – Dec 31th, 2018) $48 Million REVENUE | $7.1 Million EBITDA" The Audited numbers revealed a $2.2m loss for 2018. EBITDA refers to Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. EBITDA is NOT gross (fraudulent) revenues. This horsechit is COMPLETELY fraudulent. Audited numbers were revealed 2 weeks ago. Why is fraud job Jesse/Mikie/Gezzus still referring to LitchenFraud stroked management numbers that are proven false to the tune of OVER $ 9m?

"2020 Revenues of $ 100m - GLN believes in setting annual financial forecasts and targets to provide clarity for investors" - Jesse/Mikie/Gezzus 'believes' in pulling fraudulent numbers from the ether. NO legitimate public company 'believes' in straight-up securities fraud.

Bret(t) Polansky = $ 15m
It goes on and on and this post COULD go on and on as well. Lets finish up with ANOTHER spelling error vis-a-vis one of the scammer's names. This fraud first calls one of the main scammers 'BRETT POLANSKY' and then directly below calls him 'BRET POLANSKY.'

They can't get their directors names correct (yes it's important) and thereafter can't get the scumbag 'Sales Manager' who lifted millions name correct either. Further, nobody is even proof reading this hopeless garbage.

Matt Hopkins? = $21m
Good.v numbers a nightmare on dope street = $ 2.2m loss
In our experience there are 3 kinds of Venture numbers. Bad, really bad, and Good.v.

Lets get things rolling with a highly unusual blurb on the cover letter ... "We draw attention to Note 1 in the consolidated financial statements, which indicates that the Company has a net loss of $2,264,855".

First time ever I have seen warning to peruse the notes like this, up front. Auditors will use the 'going concern' to cover their arses every time, but to point out the bottom line loss in the cover letter is unique and very ominous. That cover letter is too long by about 4X.
Current liabilities are $17m against $38m in total liabilities. Cash was $781k at Dec 31, so, by definition Co is insolvent by a very large margin. Top so called assets are 'Intangible Assets' of $11,306,691 and Goodwill of $10,201,411. That's $ 21m that doesn't exist. These numbers represent the amount OVERPAID for grossly overpriced acquisitions.

"Redefining Your Health With the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time."
AR at year end was $20.5m. That number is saying this co isn't collecting a thin dime of the multi-millions of 'revenues' spewed by the main idiot every day. The FACT is absolutely ZERO cash is coming in and cash burn is something past $170k each and every month. Why those very overdue (more than 120 days) receivables have NOT been written off as bad debts is a mystery for the ages. We put it down to management scum.

4 unknowable 'customers' owe $ 17m+ that is long overdue. There are BNS credit facilities (fully secured???) that are racked. ($9.8m+) It is in default because the required coverage is 1.25 to 1 current assets to current liabilities. GOOD.v's ratio is microscopic.
"Wages and benefits of $469,548, listing bonus and transaction costs of $272,121 and share-based compensation of $254,011 ... In addition, the Company acquired certain patents from a company controlled by an officer of the Company in the amount of $625,000." That would be $ 1.6m to Jesse/Gezzus/Mikie in 2018.
Another $800k in cash went to others including the little missus. This is a 'black box revenue scam' but it is also a 'scorched earth' play. The main crook is looting this co absolutely stupid and transferring the winnings to non-arms length conspirators via the paper acquisitions.
"cash outflows from operating activities of $11,945,334". That is a massive number, but one needs an appreciation of what that cash cost. Co issued 'subscription receipts' for "gross proceeds of $9,200,000. The Company paid $1,245,974 cash commission and issued 2,545,064 agents’ options"

At current rates this horrid chit will be fully raped/looted well before year end. This paper is beyond worthless. Far beyond.

See ----->
GOOD.v announces acquisition - the beat goes on
In the wake of a nearly $2m operating loss, Jesse Dylan and/or Micheal Woodman have another one ... "Good Life Networks Inc. has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire all of the issued and outstanding equity units of mPlore LLC, a leading mobile content delivery platform based in Texas ..." Naturally mPlore is the biggest thing since arsewipe and yes astute reader, this is ANOTHER paper company created by Matt Hopkins and sold for multi-millions. ($6m?)
As far as due diligence on mPlore goes it's precisely the same story. Virtually zero internet presence of any kind. The only easily found material relates to a Texas lawsuit from 2017. A website ( is all of 2 very simple pages, is mostly photos, and was created on 'squarespace' probably in less than 30 minutes. It fails miserably as any possible type of 'business' website. A child could do better. Photos are all stock.
Again Jesse/Mikie is spewing about zillions of rapidly accruing 'revenues', this time from mPlor as well. Surely at this rate Mikie/Jesse will be up to 'billions' of revenue whilst horrid worthless GOOD.v slides FURTHER into total and complete insolvency. The man is as insulting as his deal and that's a lot. One wonders how it gets worse than this.
Good Life (GOOD.v) loses $1.93-million in 2018
Good Life Networks Inc. has filed its consolidated financial statements and management's discussion and analysis for the year ended Dec. 31, 2018. VERY naturally this massive revenue spinner is losing money ... something this space recognized long ago based on the simple FACT the co isn't collecting on it's very large receivables.

Whilst Mikey/Jesse (take your pick) continues to spew about 'revenues' the loss for the three months ended Dec. 31, 2018, was $254,600. The tale will be told in the audited financials. ANY WAY sliced this space has nailed this disgusting offense. GOOD.v isn't making money and likely never will because it's an obvious fraudjob.

See ----->Good Life Networks - GOOD.v - Michael Woodman
There has been a highly improbable updraft in the SP of terrible horrid chit Good Life Networks - Good.v. Nada news to speak of and these reprobates have 59 days to have a REAL accountant sign off on their audited financials.

We have a new document on Sedar. A so called 'Business Acquisition Report' for 495 Communications, LLC. First off it's signed by Konstantin Lichtenwald, and that instantly makes it pure arsewipe to this space.

Konstantin Lichtenwald
Anyway 495 Communications, LLC. lost half a million in 2017. Latest numbers to Sept 2018 show chitloads of uncollected 'revenues' ($3.8m) and massive current liabilities. ($2.6m) Cash was all of $ 280k, meaning this joke is insolvent and numbers echo, precisely, grotesquely stroked Good.v.

And what was the the purchase price for this 'asset' again? "The purchase consideration to the members of the Company comprises an aggregate purchase price of $15 million."
See ----->Good Life Networks - GOOD.v - Michael Woodman
495 Communications - Bret Polansky, Bret Polunsky
We've been remiss in taking a better gander at $ 15m GOOD.v acquisition 495 Communications and the newly minted (with BNS money) millionaire Bret Polansky. The 'head office' at 175 Varick St #610, in New York is a 'We work' rental. Suite 300 at 2210 Main in Santa Barbara is a 1100 sq foot rental. 888-983-1620 is the phone number for all.
bret@495communications.comIn late 2017 Cardiff International, Inc. (OTCQB: CDIF) announced a deal to buy the Co. A promotional NR says total assets were $ 2.8m. The deal did not complete after CDIF due diligence.

Bret Polansky was born on 06/06/1975. Polansky has many public records related to bankruptcy and/or lawsuits and/or charges. He has used the aliases Bret Polunsky and Bret A Polansky. He is showing as Executive Vice President of Sales at Icon Advertising INC. 1500 - 701 West Georgia Street is another 'We work' type rental. A massive number of companies use that address. Icon Advertising Inc. is described as being based in Vancouver and Santa Clara, 'specializing in media buying & planning services'.

The background of Mr. Polansky demands a search of all public records including those related to his alias 'Bret Polunsky'.
There are definitely multiple records there, as confirmed by multiple sources. The information is readily available for a fee. Since we have no intention of EVER throwing a dime at the ridiculous GOOD.v or it's players we won't be going further. Anybody with money at stake would be obliged to review this material without delay.
Good Life Networks - GOOD.v - Michael Woodman
Mr Jesse Dylan (birth name Michael Woodman), the self described "alpha leader in media and entertainment" also happens to be a massive large bible thumper, and it is this constituency where his most ardent supporters/dummies can be found. Tapping the 'faithful' has been done, redone, and done again on the VSE. One begins to believe that ardent Christians are the absolute best source for the truly most stupid money on earth. Once hooked, they are CONVINCED God is on their side.

Regarding this video. Is it not curious that the massive money spinner needs to BORROW money? Surely there's cash all over the place. Well that's simply not so. The opposite actually.

Konstantin Lichtenwald CFO
Latest in horrid open BridgeMark scammery is Good Life Networks Inc. (GOOD.v) "We own and operate disruptive patent-pending advertising technology." and "are committed to positioning ourselves ahead of the imminent convergence between Digital Advertising and Blockchain Technology." and "provide real-time decisioning." Errr sure, great.

Main insulting K9 is career radio jockey and failed author Mr. Jesse Dylan.(Michael Woodman) Singular claim to fame for the rapidly aging guru is as a 'multiple award-winning show host.' Unknown how that qualifies the man for much of anything except spewing rubbish.

Jill Dylan (Jill Woodman?), Jesse Dylan (Michael Woodman)
Co initially caught my attention on two fronts. First the fact it retains the horribly tarred BridgeMarkian Konstantin Lichtenwald as beancounter long AFTER he was exposed. In securities one unloads tarbabies without any damn delay for the simple reason they dirty everyone else by association.

Next was the mindless spewing about massive and growing 'pro-forma' gross revenues. NO legitimate companies would do such a thing. ONLY corrupt ones and here we have the perfect beanstroker for the deed. As a bonus we are given the reason WHY he can't be offloaded ... he has intimate knowledge of the scammery.

We check the latest filings and we have unsecured convertible notes convertible into 5,000,000 units at a price of $0.0475 per unit.
This is what we call a 'black box revenue scam' A 'black box' is a securities ploy where something is so profitable, and so top secret it can't possibly be disclosed at all.

The management financials show $8.4m in receivables, all past due, $2.4m in current liabilities and all of $360k in cash. That is the definition of insolvent.

Co is SAYING they have major sales but the reality is they haven't collected a nickle. Jesse (Michael) SAYS the Bank of Nova Scotia is lending many millions to fund this total joke. We say they are 100% UNSECURED. We dig into their breathlessly touted acquisition 395 Networks LLC for cash and paper and find out a) It's head office in NY is a 'We Work' rental, b) last year an OTC scam backed out (delisted) of a deal where less than $ 1m in net assets existed, and c) the main 395 Networks dopus (Bret Polansky) is described as a 'sales manager'.

Uncovering these scams is NEVER rocket science, yet greedy retards continuously get ripped off. It very surely doesn't get a lot easier that Good Life Networks (GOOD.v) and conman Jesse Dylan (Michael Woodman)

Bret Polansky
There seems to be much negative information regarding litigation and/or bankruptcy etc with Mr. Polansky. Work continues.

As far as CEO Matt Hopkins of very expensive TO target Impression X goes he's pretty much invisible, along with Impression X. "Matthew Hopkins has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a five year period with the most recent being incorporated three years ago in March of 2015. Five of the companies are still active while the remaining two are now listed as inactive." "mPlore was established in 2015 as the mobile division of Net Applications."

Matt Hopkins

Praveen Varshney (Varshney Capital)
Next reek is the connect to GOOD.v director (Praveen) Vareen Varshney of Varshney Capital. As far his name switch goes, WTF is up with that? ('Fixed') Is this not the same dummy? (Yup) Varshney knows well who jailed securities scuzbag Aly Babu Mawji is. That is so because Mawji was working at Varshney Capital when he ran his criminal pump and dump of De Beira Goldfields.

Aly Babu Mawji and Justin Liu

Vareen Varshney (Good.v) NOTE - Now 'Praveen'
Courtesy of an extremely helpful poster on Stockhouse we have documents related to the highly enigmatic Impression X.
Click to enlarge.

3700 Newport Blvd Ste 102. Aha Development Group, Inc. Property Development. "Full service residential land developer and general contractor."
Shea Hodge Watson -

478 Ogle St. Costa Mesa business registration by Impression X INC.
Mikey/Jesse landed 15,800,001 common (seed) shares for $791 at the end of 2015. Another 7,100,000 common shares were dished off at $0.05. Among those with the paper is Dr. Janice D. Carr Inc. (

Naturally said paper is soooo valuable now that it's being flipped off (along with cash) to OSC busted red-handed AgoraScam muttdog George Tsiolis. Truly it would be impossible to list all the scam deals George 'Reeky Greeky' Tsiolis has ridden to zero.
Dr. Janice Carr Ratings