This disgrace has dropped mention of the Jim Pattison Group and Urban Fare. And after such a bullish (pure fraud) NR too.

The reality appears to be this garbage isn't going on Jim Pattison Group shelves at all and likely never will.
These dopes are 'selling' (out of stock) 4 Pack 'burgers' for $12.50. (400 gms) We have a few relevant facts. "The Company has sourced the main raw material, the texturized pea protein, from a company called The Scoular Company (“Scoular”) in Toronto, Ontario. Scoular currently has a supply of the texturized pea protein sufficient to meet the Company’s needs until the end of 2020. The pricing of the texturized pea protein is currently US$8.82 per pound." $ 8.82 US per pound for pea protein is $19.40 per kg. That's $ 24.25 Canadian.

So what is in the mysterious 'Crab Cakes'? Top ingredients in order are Celery Root, Chickpea Flour, Grapeseed Oil, water, Pea Protein, Bell Pepper, Red Onion, and Rice Bread crumbs. This mixture/slop is not patented nor under trademark protection.
Billed as an organic way to cure meats without artificial nitrites, Celery Root is no safer or healthier. The ability to season, color, preserve, and disinfect are the reasons it is the main component of this mash.

Chickpea flour is made from dried chickpeas. (garbanzo beans) Chickpea flour has a stickier texture than all-purpose flour and is often used as a binder.

Grapeseed oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, mostly omega-6 fatty acids. Making it (unless cold pressed) involves high heat and the toxic solvent hexane. It's main use is as a cooking oil.
Behold the 136 page 'amended' listing statement of this chit. Thanks to the work of Graeme Wood at Glacier News we learned Tara failed to disclose her very large experience with the BCSC when getting MEAT.c listed, at all.

Yes citizens we perused this voluminous horsechit so you don't have to. Tara fessed up. Sadly we have grossly flawed disclosure from these scum, again. SOME know about the amended material whilst most DO NOT. Doug Muir of the BCSC really should take a bow for entertaining the world with his incompetence leading the most dysfunctional organization in existence.
Ryan Venier - on the available information so far we have the Jackson cabal accounting for at least 22m of the 28.3m MEAT.c shares outstanding.

Anthony Jackson 3.2m
Lisa Jackson 1.4m
Tara Haddad 4m
Abeir Haddad 3.6m
Wilson Su 2m
Yoon Kyung 2m
Seungkap Kim 2m
Ryan Venier group 2.4m (brother in law to Jackson)
1194765 BC ltd. 2m (Jatinder 'Jay' Dhaliwal)
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Graeme Wood at Glacier News has done another blockbuster piece on the BridgeMark cabal and this grotesque garbage. One relevant fact is that this co's protein is coming from peas. Not sexy and patents for most everything belong to Burcon. (BU.t)

Of importance is the share holdings of the BridgeMark cabal. These are pre-split. 2.94 million @ $0.25 shares in a PP went to eight Bridgemarkers. Haddad had 2m shares, Abeir Haddad 1.9m, Danilen Villanueva 240k shares, Wilson Su 1m shares. 4 related to Ryan Venier have 350k shares each. Lisa Jackson had 700k shares, and Yoon Kyung 1m shares. A Seungkap Kim is also shown as having 1m shares.

What we had happen is this group 're-releasing' news. The 'new and improved' had a bold headline and copious comment related to the Jim Pattison Group. The party girls neglected to get any comment from the Jim Pattison Group, likely because they never knew they were in bed with securities scum.

"This organization is a grotesque securities scam from the famous 'BridgeMark Group'

Right this instant a German tout is using the 'Urban Fare' and SoF names to lasso idiots to buy this grotesque paper. These open scum are chitting on your name, something you folks very much need to put an end to. This group are world famous scammers/fraudsters and their imaginary 'product' has no business being on your shelves to begin with."
"We expect the market to react violently again on Monday" - Helmut Pollinger.

Anthony Jackson had 18 brokerage accounts frozen.
Scammerbag Helmut Pollinger is releasing DAILY breathless touts on MEAT.c. We had a 'youreeka' moment. This video, touted by scammerbag Pollinger, is ZNX.v, a worthless Varshney Capital deal, and that's where Aly Babu Mawji was working when the De Beira Goldfields P&D went down. This is evidence of the chitbags working together previously. Pollinger, the boy Varshney, and Mawji. (Yes citizens the very same Varshney Capital of the GOOD.v scam) For the curious ZNX.v is @$.085.
Peter BradyBCSC executive director Peter Brady submitted in May 2020 that Justin Liu and Anthony Jackson were "a distinct threat to our capital markets.” Brady said his two-year investigation revealed “Liu and Jackson ... received over $20 million in purported consulting fees through the scheme.”
Doug Muir BCSC
Temporary trade orders against most expired May 27, just in time for their next scam. Among those to have accounts and three properties unfrozen is Albert Kenneth Tollstam. He's father of Lisa Jackson and father-in-law to Anthony Jackson. He co-owns a West Vancouver mansion now valued at $13m. Tollstam and Lisa bought it Nov. 2018 for $15,888,888.
See ----->
See ----->
Rumor is all about a heavily paid-off German promo for dopo outfit. The German connection fits in perfectly with Aly Babu Mawji, who did his 38 months in prison for securities fraud there. Mawji was convicted in a Stuttgart court on Oct. 12, 2012, for the 25.7m euro De Beira Goldfields Inc. P&D.
Helmut Pollinger is our undisclosed German toutster. Connect is to the 2018 United Battery Metals P&D and BullVestor Medien GmbH.

Those in red boxes are KNOWN BridgeMark associates. Tara Haddad is married to Abeir Haddad. Abeir Haddad is a close personal friend and brother-in-law of Anthony Jackson.

Yuying Liang was CFO with disgraced Prize Mining and Micheal McPhie. Nawaz Jiwani serves as a director for Koios Beverage Corp., another BridgeMark PoS. Cassidy McCord was a director of the now defunct BridgeMark PoS RavenQuest BioMed.

OS on April 30, 2020 was 7,003,249. There was no valuation for the vend-in. Upon completion of the split, RTO and offering, the Co now has 28,306,498 out.
Realtor Wilson Su had previously listed the residence of wicked crooked busted basterd Aly Babu Mawji on documents for BridgeMark's Blok Technologies scam. He listed the home of Aly Babu Mawji and his spouse Denise Trainor for sale on MLS.

Cassidy McCord

Jatinder Dhaliwal
Jatinder 'Jay' Dhaliwal is a registered pharmacist and was a key player of BridgeMark scam RavenQuest BioMed Inc. with Cassidy McCord.
Tanya Todd
Modern Meat bills itself as "a Vancouver-based alternative protein company that makes 100% vegan, soy, gluten and GMO-free meat alternatives." Purported business is "Modern Meat’s current product lineup includes the Modern Burger, Modern Crabcakes, Modern Meatball and Modern Crumble." Sales? Zero, nada, ziltch, nil, nada fukking thing.
Tara is touting her 20 years of building successful businesses but has never come close to doing that. She remains a realtor and is ANOTHER PoS BridgeMark accountant in good standing in British Columbia.
"The Company announces that it has retained Awareness Consulting Network LLC, ("Awareness") for $100,000 (U.S.) for a term of 30 days." BridgeMark used Awareness Consulting Network for the Kootenay Zinc scam. (Tara was a director)

"The Company also announces it has retained Green Times Consulting Ltd. ("Green") for euros325,000 (Euros) for a term of 60 days." - There is zero internet presence for 'Green Times Consulting Ltd.' This would be the undisclosed scammer Helmut Pollinger.

Yari Nieken
Navis Resources Corp appointed Ron Coulson and Shahin Behroyan as directors to the board succeeding Michael Burns and Anthony Jackson who resigned. Yari Nieken replaced Jackson as CEO and CFO. Tara Haddad became CEO and Yuying Liang CFO. Nawaz Jiwani and Cassidy McCord were appointed as directors of the company. Coulson and Nieken resigned.
Lets say howdy do to Kate MacDougall of Camber Communications who bills herself as one who has "built a reputation for exceptional and insightful work." "We're delighted to be working with Modern Meat, a visionary BC-based company." Riiiight.

Here's some insightful advice honey. Do due diligence BEFORE suxing the puss puss of world famous securities criminals else YOU are tarred by the same brush.

Anthony Jackson had 1.6m shares (pre-split) before his resignation. Post split is something around 3.2m.
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