The holding company sold a further $5m in Canntrust shares over the next 30 days. The Globe and Mail is reporting Eric Paul and director Mark Litwin sold nearly $1m worth of shares on Nov. 16th. That was the same day a Canntrust executive sent, and Paul replied to, an e-mail that outlined the company's illicit growing operations.
Latest is the news that Aceto has been fired and Paul is leaving the BoD. "Canntrust Holdings Inc. has made immediate senior management changes ... to terminate with cause Canntrust chief executive officer Peter Aceto. In addition, the board of directors demanded the resignation of the company's chair Eric Paul, and he complied."

Spewage? Pfffffft. K9s were and are dirty as hell. They played stupid basterds to try and ride it out but leaks and superior reporting fuked them up. And to fail to resign when zillions of other folks money is at stake? These two are boneyard dogs beneath contempt.
Peter Aceto, left, appears in a promotional video from early 2019 that was shot at the company’s Pelham facility. Grow room RG8 can be seen in the background.A CannTrust promo video showed CEO Aceto standing in front of the unlicensed room. The video, which was published by CannTrust’s YouTube account on Feb. 27, 2019, (since removed) shows company CEO Peter Aceto chatting with a plant production manager outside a room full of cannabis plants. The plants can be seen through what appears to be a plastic wall with metal hinges. Five former employees identified the room in the video as RG8 or Range 8.
The Globe and Mail is reporting on leaked e-mails which show Aceto and the TRST.t board knew very well about illegal growing in November 2018.

In an e-mail dated Nov. 16, 2018, Graham Lee, CannTrust’s director of quality and compliance, informed Aceto and other top executives about a Health Canada inspection that had just been completed. It had revealed several compliance breaches but missed the plants growing in unlicensed rooms.
Eric PaulWe dodged some bullets,” Mr. Lee wrote. “[Health Canada] did not ask about RG8E/W, which are unlicensed rooms currently full of plants.

'change agent' Peter Aceto
Health Canada seized hundreds of kilograms of cannabis from CannTrust Holdings Inc. following an inspection three years ago, demonstrating a long history of compliance failure.

From April 2015 to March 2018, there were 15 major or critical observations made by Health Canada during site inspections at CannTrust locations. The seizure of more than 377 kg of pot took place following a targeted review by federal inspectors who found the company stored four times more cannabis in a security vault than it was licensed to. A CannTrust spokesperson said that “mistakes were made.” Rumor suggests the co is looking at a 1 year license ban, which would effectively torpedo it.

"Wow, 1st day @CannTrust was fun and exciting." - peter8aceto@gmail.comBig cheesewad Peter Aceto was smacked 2 days ago by a Health Canada audit with a 'non-compliant rating' which revealed the co had grown and distributed some 5,200 kilograms of dried cannabis without legal authority. 7,500 kg of dried cannabis equivalent was found to be produced in 5 unlicensed rooms. "Our team has focused on building a culture of transparency, trust and excellence in every aspect of our business ..."
'False and inaccurate' information was provided to the regulator by Canntrust.

Along with a massive tidal wave of US class action lawsuits, we learn today the pot was shipped across Canada and internationally. The question now is why isn't Mr. Aceto being charged as a criminal drug producer and smuggler? Clearly that's what he is.

His response? "Getting to understand what happened here is a priority."